John Paul Youssef


Los Angeles, CA


John Paul has attained the highest levels of accomplishment, in a synergistic range of subjects.


He was trained at, and practiced corporate law within, one of the best regarded law firms in the world, O’Melveny & Myers. He has successfully handled pivotal matters for many of the largest global economic actors.


He is a professional investor, engaged in quantitive finance, with unparalleled results. He also was an early venture capital investor in Mobileye, Uber, and other successful technology companies. He has in the past been an advisor to a member of a royal family on all business matters.


John Paul has been involved with the firm in various capacities since 1996. He has worked in every department of the firm, beginning with answering the phone, and has managed the firm for several years.


- Loyola Marymount University


- USC School of Law

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