Advanced Nonlinear Seismic Analysis

NYA is a leader in the field of advanced nonlinear seismic analysis for the evaluation, design, and retrofit of buildings. To complement our substantial seismic design and review experience, we are well versed in commonly adopted advanced analysis software such as Perform3D, ETABS-Ultimate, and SAP2000 in which we have developed some of the largest and most complex nonlinear models of our profession supported by specially developed computers to maximize our parallel processing computational capabilities and efficiency. With our engineering and computational mechanics knowledge we co-develop new software to incorporate advances from research and testing to validate the performance of new and existing buildings as presented in the following sections.

ETABS -Ultimate nonlinear model of UCSF New Hospital in San Francisco including viscous dampers and foundations modeling.

Potrero Yard, San Francisco

ETABS – Ultimate nonlinear model for Potrero Yard in San Francisco, including viscous dampers.

Vallco Town Center

ETABS – Ultimate nonlinear model for Vallco Town Center including seismic isolation of high-rise towers.

Los Angeles Coliseum Renovation

SAP2000 nonlinear model of Los Angeles Coliseum Renovation using BRB hysteretic devices.